Estimation Innovation

The resurgence of the Irish Construction Industry comes at a time of global transition towards an information revolution, with technology now playing a vital role within our post-recessionary society. There is a need for construction professionals to embrace new technologies and adapt out-dated, fragmented work methods into a collaborative approach through Building Information Technology. Adopting a BIM strategy presents Construction Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with both opportunities and challenges that can offer new financial and creative opportunities for most construction related organisations.

With the ever-increasing adoption of new technologies SMEs will now need to provide a service that incorporates innovative processes, such as BIM. Innovation can be described as; a change that happens in a planned manner, new processes, new procedures or new way of organising, from the tiniest improvement to the radical rethink innovation can have an important contribution to organisational success. If any company is to be successful with BIM adoption then Innovation must be the starting point.

Our System

At Carroll Estimating we are well and truly adopting innovation within our estimating environment. Estimating is a vital part of the Pre-Construction Phase and can be time consuming and costly process to Contractors. We use Buildsoft Cubit Pro Building and Construction software for our estimating software, Camtasia Software for our online video estimating tutorials and project estimates presentations.